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Finest Wood

Manufactured from premium domestic ash wood, that looks and feels amazing. 

Great Holds

45mm - For novices and warming up

20mm - The workhorse for training and assessment

12mm - For that extra crimp-strength

All holds are rounded in a way that is skin- and finger-friendly and optimized for maximum training efficacy.

Excellent Connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy compatible with all modern bluetooth capable devices.

Unparalleled Compatability

200 kg to provide ample room for weighted hangs

Green Power

App available on (almost) any platform




Windows (future release)

Free Training

Keep it simple and play around on your Crimptronic while having the full visual feedback over the hanging force and duration.

Guided Workouts

Enjoy the complete experience of training on a Crimptronic with timed hangs that you define beforehand.

Track your workout specific progress in the history section of the App.

Cutting Edge Profiling

Based on current state of climbing specific sports scientific research.

State of the art automatic data analysis to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Constantly updated as data base widens and scientific evidence improves.

High Maximum Load

Super low power consumption of 40mW for eco-friendliness.

Can be supplied via batteries, wall outlet or powerbank.

The Hangboard of Tomorrow

Tech Specs

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