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He joined the team in 2019 and has been an inspiration in terms of tenacity and work ethic ever since. 

Cosmo is the Chief Happiness Officer of the whole operation. As such he is in charge of breaks, walkies and getting to know other climbers at the crag. Also cuddling.


He started to work on the Crimptronic already back in 2015 in his free time and what started out as a maker-style pet project slowly grew into a usable training device. With every new training session and new feature it became more and more apparent, that a digital hangboard is an extremely useful device to train for climbing.

Moritz is an avid climber with ample hangboard experience. He is a real nerd for numbers and used to work as a scientific researcher in robotics. So it was probably only a matter of time for his love of training for climbing and his geeky side to fuse. 

So in 2018 he decided to push the Crimptronic to its full potential. Countless iterations, sleepless nights and mountains of espresso beans later, he is finally satisfied with the result.

We Are Crimptronic

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