Developed and Tested

by Dedicated Climbers

Training on a hangboard can be tough. That's why we took great care to make the holds on the Crimptronic as pleasant to grab as possible. After lots of testing and fine tuning we decided on three different hold sizes and shapes, that can serve climbers of all levels to sharpen their skills.


Painful skin, large calluses or hanging off anything except your finger flexors are a thing of the past with this design. For a better training experience and for more gains.

The Crimptronic is specifically designed to look like a piece of beautiful furniture. Made from prime domestic ash wood it is as easy on the eyes as on your skin. Like this you'll be happy to hang it in your living space. Because you certainly don't need another hangboard that rots in the basement. 

More Insight

But the Crimptronic is more than just an awesome training device. It helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a climber.

Have the app guide you through our automatic assessment and find out how your finger strength and endurance compare to those of other climbers. In the background we run cutting-edge mathematical models that evaluate your finger and forearm performance, and place you on the spectrum of climbing grades.


Maybe you are an endurance beast but your fingers are too weak to realize your full potential. Knowledge is power, so now you can target your weak spots with everything you have and break through to the next level

And Better Results

Decide what you want to train on. A clear goal will help you stick to your plan and know when it's time change things.

The Crimptronic app holds a variety of predefined training protocols, to start you off. If you want to follow your own protocol, just customize one of the templates or create a workout from scratch.

For every workout you complete the Crimptronic records the accumulated hangtime and the average load. Like this you can track your progress at a glance. Were you able to hold more weight or for longer? Excellent work.

Once your progress levels off it is time to take it from the top.

For Direct Feedback

The Crimptronic is equipped with custom force sensors, that precisely measure the duration and intensity of your hangs. With this technology we unlock a whole range of useful and exciting features that make your training more fun and effective

Just install the App on the Bluetooth capable device of your choice and get going. The Crimptronic guides you through your training. Do you want to adjust the intensity of your hangs by adding or removing weight? Perfect. The Crimptronic tracks exactly how much your fingers are holding, no matter how you do it. Do you find timed hangboarding protocols stressful to follow? No More. This hangboard waits for you.


So all you have to do is try hard. The Crimptronic takes care of everything else.

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